January 8, 2021


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After digging deep into the decay that is SakuraGame’s publishing library, they reach out to ME! for an exclusive interview, covering Dragonia, Super Star, Hell Girls and more, as well as the controversies and fraud surrounding them.

Better make it count.

Steam Publisher Steals ENTIRE Video Game

How A Thieving Publisher Dodged Controversy

How SakuraGame Is Committing Fraud On Steam

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Epic Gaming, Cutting Critique, the Musical Anti Hero tackles all games big or small and leaves no corner of the game’s industry untouched; from Let’s Plays to brief reviews to unscripted rants. What are you waiting for? Join him and become a hero of the gaming era!

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  • A lot of devs actually do patches to remove censorship from their games. It's actually a relatively common trend now, and I know it was done before it, but Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius does it. the difference is, Sunrider is well made. it actually has a decent record before you add in the smut…..I'm not kidding.

    it's not exactly a secret, and I don't actually think it's something to slam devs on. Let's face it, some people really need to take care of their needs if you know what I mean. It's literally just a way for devs to get Visual novels on steam and, if the consumer wants to, get the extra scenes. I believe, of all companies, Nutaku does the same thing, just if you get the SFW version it's prepatch and the NSFW version post patch.

    Yes, I did just reference Nutaku of all things….

  • Such a great and comprehensive case analysis. First time on your channel, I found this video on LewdGamer's blog. I played a few SakuraGame from this year (not their games but under their name) and I can confirm that there was never a clear and typo ridden translation. Some varied from completely unplayable (Killing Time) to moderately understandable (Material Girl). You debunked the shit they do in a gentlemanly manner. Hope you continue your crusade of exposing fraudulent companies. Stay well and grow big!

  • I realise this video is a month old but I hope you see this.

    In China they use Yuan, not Yen, Yen is Japanese, Player Unkown's battleground cost 3300 yen, and indeed does only cost 98 yuan in China, the symbols are the same in some instances, so I understand the mistake. But it is still a mistake, Sakura wasn't wrong in that instance, western games are a lot cheaper in East Asia.

    When Sakura told you of examples of situations in China, you dismissed them saying you did your own research, well, you got most of them wrong. This is coming from a guy who's lived in China for most of his life. I have no stakes in the matter, in fact, since I'm Taiwanese, I actually don't fancy the Chinese too much. ESRB is generally not a well-known rating system in China, it is there, but nobody teaches it to you and as there are no major gaming retail stores in China usually even the store clerks don't know what games are and are not suitable for children, they're just happy they made a sale. I'm not defending them, by the way, just correcting your mistakes. I don't think any of the excuses they've come up with justifies anything they do.

    I've just recently watched your videos on Sakura Games, and perhaps I can offer you a perspective from a guy who's fluent in both languages but has a strong preference for using English.

    When I first got a copy of Sakura Games's works, I was incredibly pissed off at how poor the English translation was, and looked them up and found out about the controversy, and after learning that they're a Chinese company, I got the Chinese copy of the game and my experience was drastically different. Now don't get me wrong, to describe Sakura Games's practice as "Shady" is perfectly apt, but I saw very little problem with their Chinese translation of the game, there were mistakes here and there (I can also get by with some Japanese from taking 3 years of the language) but it felt very similar to a situation of a fan translation you'd find in some dedicated forums. They were able to translate slangs and references to anime culture, while those fell completely flat in the English translation. So I think what they do in the Chinese market of reselling content from Japanese developers (Who would never publish their work overseas) is commendable, and see no problems with it. I just wanted to offer you a perspective on this side that you probably couldn't have known about, many of Sakura's fans who speak Chinese feel similarly, you can look at their Chinese reviews on Steam.

    As for the problem with the English translation, it's very hard for me to say, I would have never accepted or believed their excuse of pleading ignorance or incompetence before playing their Chinese translation. But now I wonder if it is laziness or lack of resources, I really don't know.

    I hope you follow up with this story, I might sound like I'm sticking my nose where it doesn't belong, but I think you should patch things up with Sakura Games and suggest to them to seriously up their English translation ability, and release patches to old horrible translations. You have the ability to contact them while I do not, I hope you use that ability to bring them up instead of knocking them down. We English consumers cannot be heard by Sakura, perhaps you can speak on our behalf and give them out complaints?

    If you read all of this, I thank you for taking your time,

    A new subscriber

  • Great work on this, I can't believe SakuraGame continues to exist on Steam while asset flippers are gone.

    Couple of points I'd like to make,

    1. The excuse that "we're not good at native English and it takes time to refine if you just give us your feedback" is just ridiculous. You don't put yourself into translation when you're not even good at the language. That's just disrespecting the creator of the original work as well as the potential audience your "translation" is targeted at.
    What probably happened is a machine-translated script (e.g. Google Translate, Babelfish) and doing mild editing to the output. Unfortunately, some people seem to think that a shoddy translation is "better than nothing", which is why they get away with this.

    2. So if they don't care about the translation, what are they up to? Trying to sell adult/racy games through steam by providing a way to purchase the censored game, then directing the customers a way of obtaining an uncensored patch from the discussion page or somewhere else. That might explain why their translation is just garbage.
    Just look at the last screenshot of Dragonia on Steam where they forgot to censor a nipple. (Got a screenshot in case they see this comment and attempt to fix this)

    3. Steam Trading Cards, another way for them to generate revenue, as Anime themed cards/badges/emoticons/backgrounds tend to make a lot of money. Not only that, there's a certain pattern to their emoticons and backgrounds. Just check http://www.steamcardexchange.net/index.php?showcase-filter-publisher-2503
    Once again, the focus is not on the translation, that's the easy part since machine translations do all the work. It's also a good explanation as to why their refund policy doesn't make people go through steam, as well as not requiring the cards/emoticons/backgrounds to be deleted. They still get a part of that money, even though they spin it as "customers are the gods"

    4. It seems like a new take on Asset Flipping, except using legitimate games. Once again, all you need is a machine translation, some image editing to add censorship and you're good to go.

  • Jesus Christ, that was a good video. I'm constantly impressed by the waves you've been able to make and the way you handle the stories you cover. I'm glad to see people taking a stand against companies like this. They know exactly what they're doing, which makes their statements that much more infuriating. You don't just accidentally post an ESRB rating for a game. It's just a move to establish credibility and make their titles seem more genuine and acceptable. Things like this need to be brought to light and companies like this need to follow proper laws and procedures. You're doing the lord's work, good sir.

  • Interesting video, but there's one big mistake in it. The yen/yuan sign is used for both Japanese and Chinese currencies. PUBG is 3300 Japanese yen in the Japanese Steam store, which is just around 30 USD, and it is 98 Chinese yuan (renminbi) in the Chinese Steam store, which is about 15 USD. The base USD price of the game is $29.99, so the game is significantly discounted for Chinese players.
    EDIT: Looks like the problem's been addressed.

  • Jokes on them, you couldn't be a US spokesman anyway because you're a filthy Canadian. Haha, loved the video.

  • Edit: It has come to my attention that there was an inaccuracy on my part. The Japanese Yen symbol is also used for Yuen, the Chinese currency. In accessing Steam's Chinese client, I was given the Japanese currency listing, instead of the 98¥ that it is in China. I was also given the USD and Candian currency listings and ultimately l made a judgement call and was in error.

    However, this does not change my opinion or the overall stance of this video. SakuraGame cannot be trusted and is incredibly duplicitous. They engage in illegal practices and are predatory in nature. Apologies for the confusion.

    Special thanks to Dandruff from News Cartridge for making a brief appearance! You can check out his daily news show here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmqOTQ3E5re2PCLXthPj61A

    Special thanks as well to Leftenant Crunch, one of our Patrons who helped me curate some of the 'translations' from Super Star, Mirror, and other SakuraGame releases. Much love guys <3

  • Bwhahahaha they even stole the limbo of the lost excuse for stealing assets: we didn't steal anything it was nasty contractors that did it.

  • Can I just say before this video even started I knew they were gonna proposition you. It's a genius tactic really find some up and coming who has proven genuine credibility and get him too change his tune with a few $$$. MAH for World Leader 2018

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