May 6, 2021

[PES 2017] PTE Patch 8.0 Next Season 19/20 | Unofficial by Del Choc

#PES2017 #PtePatch8.0 #FinalPatch

The PTE Patch 8.0 is released for PES 2017 by me Del Choc as the Final unofficial PTE Patch for PES 2017. PTE Patch 8.0 for PES 2017 comes with new Season 2019/2020 Summer Transfers and new updated formations for most clubs , also new Player Stats and new Graphic Menu and Gameplay same as PES 2020. I will show you also the correct order of CPK files for PTE Patch 8.0 . This PTE Patch 8.0 is only an update, not a full patch for PES 2017. So make sure you have PTE 6.0 AND PTE 6.1, also optional the PTE 7.0 and PTE 7.1 and PTE 7.2 installed before. This video will guide you how to Install the PES 2017 PTE Patch 8.0 on PC, so follow it carefully to avoid errors! Download links are below:

🌕🌕 Buy PES 2020 for 35 dollars only (limited time, prices may rise soon):

🌕🌕 Buy PES 2017 for 7 dollars only (Limited Time):

🌕🌕🌕🌕New PES 2017 PTE 8.1 update:

🌕 Tutorial of PTE Patch 6.0 for PES 2017:

🌕 Tutorial of PTE Patch 6.1 for PES 2017:

🌕 Tutorial of PTE Patch 7.0 for PES 2017:

🌕 Tutorial of PTE Patch 7.1 for PES 2017:

🌕 Tutorial of PTE Patch 7.2 for PES 2017:

🌑 Download Links of Patch PTE 8.0 in my Article :

◘◘ For Craked version ◘◘

* You need to replace the Data Pack 2 (“dt80_200E_win.cpk”) with a Fixed data pack 2 and replace the Fix 1.04 from links below:

► Fixed Data Pack 2 (New Link) :

► Fix 1.04 (New Links):

🌑 PTE Stadiums Pack 2.0:

🌑 PES 2017 Change Music:

🌑 PES 2017 Free Kick Tutorial:

🌑PES 2017 Fix Lag:

🌑 HD Pitch FMODs:

🌑 Add CPK for first time settings:

🌑 Auto Switcher V 5.1 for PES 2017:

🌑 If you can’t access download links then check my Article :

🌑 PES 2017 Free Myclub:

🌑 PES 2017 Crowd Disabler:

🌑 Stadiums Pack by DonyAvia:

🌑 Chants Pack v2 :


🌒 My Website:

🌒 My Facebook Page:

🌒 My Twitter:

🌒 PTE Team Blog website:

💖 Credits:

Del Choc, Konami, PTE Patch Team, DzPlayZ, Last Fiddler, Micano, Kk adds, Caesar Abil, Muktafi Ismaya, DF PRO, Avok3, Incas36, PESNewupdate, Prandra17, LATINPESEDIT , JAS , DR.H, BLACKBULL_STADIUM_MAKER, Fuyu, Judas FM, Tisera09, Hatem Fathy, h.s.h editmaker, eslam, Hosam M Eid, Dz.PlayZ, Sameh Moumen, M.El3raby, benHUSSAM, Abdo Mohamed and other Face creators.. Mauri_d, Deamer, ARH Kitmaker, mcm31, Eder Mello, AguricKit, PES Empire.. Sorry if i forgot anyone!

🎧 Music Credits :

Track 1 : Sk-Hall & Ludwiig – New Beginning [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
Free Download / Stream:

Track 2: TULE – Fearless pt.II (feat. Chris Linton) [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
Free Download / Stream:

Track 3: Spirix – Rampage Diet [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
Free Download / Stream:


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  • There is a new Edit Option File by Chako for this PTE 8.0 Patch check it here: , it fixes some Shirt numbers, some formations and adds the latest Summer transfers like Perisic to Bayern Munchen etc.. Always backup your Edit00000 file first 🙂

  • del choc,how to access the new edit option file by chako?i had clicked many times on the links but all of them not working.those links are broken.can you fix this links or give me another links to download this file please?i want to fix this patch especially shirt numbers and also please read my second comment about some mistakes i had wrote about this patch.thank you.i'm appreciate it.thank you.

  • del choc i wanted to report you some mistakes in this patch.i had noticed wrong emblem in the premier an example sheffield united has been replaced by barnsley fc.not just the emblem even the kits also had changed to barnsley fc too.only sheffield united name appeared.last but not least in bundesliga and serie a, theirs no updated promoted teams such as paderborn,dusseldorf and union berlin,parma and leece.where are they?the teams should be in this 2019/20 season.please help me!!.do you have any idea or solution to fix this thing out?i'm playing this patch on june 2020.

  • Hello Del Choc Love your work

    recently installed this patch but while playing Master League can't find some players faces and what i see is only the eyes and teeth and its scary please help

  • Hey, after did all steps in ur vid, when i play a match, the scoreboard has skewed font? How to fix it ??

  • Please help anyone…i try everything ,bt still not enable to have a single new stadium…none of this video's are works

  • Hy del choc, I have some files that you don't show how to list it, the ptepatch_onl and the ptepatch_cla

  • The gameplay is error. when gameplay the player's name disappears and the player's picture is absent. Pleaseeee help meee

  • What will be the difference if I install 8.0 and 8.1 directly on top of 6.0+6.1 rather than downloading the 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 first and installing 8.0 and 8.1 on top of them

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