May 7, 2021

Nokia 7.2 review

The Nokia 7.2 is the latest phone by HMD and it looks really promising on paper. Our review covers every aspect of the build and screen quality, the battery life, performance, and the camera image quality. Our final verdict however was not so positive. Check it out!

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  • I bought this recently and i find that the phone doesn't open any photos or play any recordings! very disappointed, has anybody else faced this?

  • I am using since 5 months and having used I will say the Worst phone I have every used so far….I thought Nokia remains good except lost brand positioning….but honestly the software annoys….the more you use different functions u come across issues over time. I took help though they were useful but again problem persists…
    1) the most annoying thing when u disconnect after using Bluetooth or wire headsets the the main speaker doesn't works I need to restart….

    Like wise many such options Its difficult to mention it all here……
    Dont waste your money by using this handset….I am frustrated by its problems…

  • A month ago I bough N 7.2. What a huge disappointment! Phone is quite slow,finger print sensor is annoying slow, transition from portrait to landscape while watching video is jerky. Apps starting is bit delayed. Charging time for s long. Camera averag,design is fine. Not worth buying regards price. Previous phone was MiA2 which is older,but better phone.

  • You guys need to use different words to describe some things while reviewing. And for God sake please stop sounding so much negative about everything. You blasted so much negativity and biased points that even if that phone actually has negatives, it kinda make me want to believe opposite of what you say in your so called "review".

    Seriously, the diff variations of "not that bad" in every other sentence clearly shows your cocky arrogant attitude. Grow up and try to be somewhat positive so that at least its good to hear.
    Nobody likes to hear bad negative things continuously for about 7 min straight.

  • It's a plain criticism. Sounds honest but his subjectivity to the phone revealed after. NOKIA WILL STILL LAST.

  • Camera bump…like a Motorola. Well, there goes the video. The reviewer is so young he's no idea what he's talking about. That entire line can be scrapped from the video as it serves no purpose but reveal that GSMArena seems to have no idea what they're talking about. For shame.

  • The only thing i hate is the camera that could scratch easily putting your pocket many times etc. unless you have a cover for that

  • Sir please tell me how I control it's sleep mood .My phone always gone in sleep mood after every 10 sec I set sleep mood but it's not work properly

  • This is as big as a xiaomi redmi note 8 pro but with a smaller screen. I'm actually using an extra screen protector made for the xiaomi redmi note 8 pro and it fits well.

  • I am using Nokia x6 more than a year now. Still performing at its best since day 1. No complaints. Also, I usually playing music than games so the battery is still in good health.

  • I have a Nokia 6.1 plus but I really don't like the battery life lasts me like 4-4.5 hours on a full charge🤦‍♂️

  • I'm choosing between this and a redmi note 8 pro. But I want the 6/128 GB version and it's very hard to find the nokia in that configuration.

  • Why are people so defensive about Nokia phones? You do realise phones dont run on nostalgia, they run on chipsets. Nokia had some great phones and has undeniably excellent hardware and design, but for its price i at least expect a chip from 2019 or 2020. Like Xiaomi. Or Oppo. Or Huawei. Or Samsung. All of which have phones that are just 50 times better at that same price. I do miss this design on them though, which is why im especially dissapointed.

  • Due to your review, I didn't buy Nokia 7.2 and bought Mi a3.
    This was my bad decision.
    Nokia 7.2 is better than mi a3

  • it doesn't look like a good one for nokia 7.2 based on the review, I will aim for the 6.1 plus not minding it is an older device

  • I had a 7.1 and I really wanted to love it and as a phone it was pretty good but if you are thinking of going Nokia, don't. The customer care is really poor (well here in the UK anyway). For 50% of all the updates I had, the phone bricked itself. It went back to Nokia three times for this. I am not the only one, just google the issue and there are people all over the world struggling with the same issue on multiple different Nokia devices. On top of that, it crashed at times 2-3 times a day at worst, 2-3 times a week at best. It also stopped charging and then lost the ability of my callers to hear me sufficiently for a normal conversation. It went back after 10 months to the retailer for a refund when Nokia politely told me to sod off. Nokia is throwing out updates with little or no testing. Buyer beware. You have been warned.

  • Nokia making very poor camera lens low details picture quality.Saying 48 MP camera,but not better then Samsung brands 5MP phones!ufff!!!😥😥 If Nokia dont improve camera I never buy again,and I request to everybody dont buy Nokia smartphones! If you interest nokia brand you can buy only black and white phones 😂😂😂

  • I Like my Nokia 7.2 but I must admit the below have given me a hard time.

    1. I have to press enter after entering phone code

    2. Startup tone has been forced on me. I have tried to deactivate all possible sound settings but can’t figure out.

    3. Creating App folders – I have to manually drag all apps. Was used to adding from within the folder using the + sign.

    4. After editing screenshot I don’t see the share shortcut. It only prompts one to SAVE COPY then you have to look for it from the gallery

    5. Unable to scrollshot…

    6. Unable to Zoon in and Out my text messages by pinching my screen.

    7. Unable to copy multiple messages from within the same conversation trail

    8. When I forward my text messages it does not indicate ‘forwarded from’

    9. Has no Screen Recorder and Voice Recorder. Granted they can be downloaded but I don’t want the trouble of going through hundreds of app store reviews to select which one is safe and works well.

    10. Photo Edit does not have paint options – I therefore cannot convert to Pencil, Crayon or Watercolor

    All the above are based on my 4 years of using Huawei P9 Lite and I therefore have to take time to get used to the new way of navigating the Nokia 7.2. I am catching up though.

  • Watching this on Nokia 7.1, I'm here scratching my head on 7.2's lack of a QC brick. QC does work on it with a 7.1 charger though…

  • So I've had this phone for months now. Dropped it on the floor a few times and it seems to have a small weak point at the audio jack. The plastic has a crack at the thinner side of the hole for the audio jack. Otherwise the phone is scratch free and just fine. I haven't used any kind of protective casing.

  • You mis the sample video of the front camera. Need to know if there's EIS or electronic image stabilization on 1080p. Pls complete your review next…

  • Customers are advised that don't waist their high earned Money in buying this useless
    I just have purchased Nokia phone 7.2 and user experience is very bad 😣 experience.
    – Every time when unlocked softwares get slow.
    – When I captured photos, it talk much time to save.
    – Phone is getting hang during incoming and outgoing calls.

    This phone useless 😡 gadget.
    I never suggest anyone to buy this phone.
    Phone working experience is just like Nokia CEO.

    Dear Video Shooter,
    People buy phone to use phone calls and use other softwares. I don't think you are using this phone and then you have given feedback. Or maybe you must have been paid high amount to shoot such useless videos 😡

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