August 28, 2020

NEW META KAYLE SUPPORT | New 40% CDR Build & Runes | Diamond Commentary | League of Legends | S10

Kayle Support Gameplay Guide ►0:00 Build 0:05 Runes
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►Some info about me:
-Diamond player since Season 4 ( Peak Elo: Diamond I )
-I have 61 champions at Mastery lvl 7 ( all ADCs lvl 7 )
-My favorite champion is Katarina
-My name is Adrian
-I’m from Poland

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  • I love when people post videos about 'amazing' things ive been doing for a year. This is the wrong build tho :3

  • I tried this in ranked for the first time. I don’t even play Kayle. I honestly think it’s op af but one thing I really like to do is rush seraphs embrace by getting archangel THEN going for ardents

  • Ive been playing kayle support pre rework, but now i build grasp on kayle and use my 3rd to proc plus spellthief makes my poke very effective. Max W first and go for ardent and chalice

  • Great video. I just have one question… How does your Lux use ultimate at 35:46 and again at 36:08? Isn't the CD 40s with 45% CDR? Even with Utimate Hunter, i didn't know a 22s CD was possible.

  • Whats about Relic Shield? I think its better, you can easy take golds pre lv 6 without risk + you have some more HP. But yes, on lv 6 its better to have Spellthief’s Edge.

  • More Kalye The Support!
    I’m hella curious
    Is it ok can I use speed attack items?
    Heal does need mana/ability.
    I thought she needs steal life items/speed attack items. I wasn’t thinking about ability.
    Cooling down item is for healing
    Because on my team, their healths are so important to me.
    I’m kinda like NAMI and sona who are healing them all the time. But as Kalye, I don’t use healing items to heal team.
    It’s just my opinion.

  • Kayle is my favourite. I played some other builds and they don't make as much impact as yours. Thank you, it's really great. Although, instead of spell edge, I like to pick relic shield as I feel this way gold is generated faster

  • Would you advice to sell the CDR boots and buy others once you have Nashor's, which brings you to the CDR cap (with Censer and Athene's).

  • edit : keep up the good work my dude we very much cherish your efforts.

    its nostalgic and shocking that i played exact exact same build(sorcery boots though but same runes and items) in season 9 and carried a lost late game
    funny thing is despite great support in lane phase and S+ score in end of game, my adc was flaming for split pushing and winning the game!! 😐 i mean you wonder do these guys ego lets them think at all??!!

  • Hey polish friend, don't You think that poking from q through minions is better than e because u have mana back if u hit enemy? Good video btw

  • Just a tip as main support. I've already played this on some circumstances when I do not want to play zilean to save ADC. Upgrade Q 3 Times before W, then W max. This will give you much more presence in lane, also you can proc your support item easier since it is like lissandra q, you hit minions and them behind, also it does a good amount of damage.
    The way you are playing, you try to poke with E, which has a much lower range than Q, at the most lanes that will get you killed. It's much better to poke with Q and save E to fights cause you can save it till an enemy is low to maximize damage, since it has a %damage on lost life.

  • Im a Kayle main and I HATE that ulting others is a thing cause people always act like Im a support and get mad when I dont ult them 🤭

  • I think it would be better if you used the shoulder piece bc you can hit the cannons and the melee minions to get more money

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