May 9, 2021


We have always wondered what the mysterious island was we could see in the distance and always covered by fog. We spoke to many people who had not been and so we thought it was quite fitting to head over for a weekend adventure.

We stayed and explored Cham Island for two days and nights and we were not disappointed. Day 1 was all about relaxing and day 2 was all adventure. Join as us we discover this amazing place.

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  • Xin chào các bạn, thanks for watching. Feel free to say hi and ask question will try our hardest to answers as many of you as possible. We here to help:) If you subscribe don't forget to hit the notification bell.

  • Funny, I was here with you all, along with Andy and Meaghan. You all joined us at our homestay for seafood and wine. I brought 50 pounds of fruit to the island.

    Greeting from the US, and Australia was beautiful!

  • For some strange reason, I don't think teachers here in the US get to travel by speedboat to a quiet island, enjoying the breeze in the warm ocean under bright sunshine, eat freshly caught prawns while sitting on a creamy sand beach with soft waves while getting love and respect from their enthusiastic students like you guys 🙂 Hope you guys meet friendly and helpful Vietnamese, eat delicious food at great prices, see beautiful sites while living in VN. And thanks for taking the time to post these videos.

  • I have lived in phuket for a year, and about 6 mos before that on Penang island in Malaysia….i love phuket, tropical island paradise with great food, everything inexpensive, kata and karon beaches with clean warm water….it's awesome living here! I want to come to Da Nang when i have a chance, currently i am searching for the right condo to purchase……you can email me at, and i have whatsapp and Line ID……; )

  • How was the internet on your island adventures? I would love to live on one for a month or 2 if the internet is stable enough.

  • Hi Guys, I'm putting Cham Island on my to do list for next year. Is there much accommodation with air-con and ensuites on the island?

  • Very nice video. I have been curious about the Cham Islands having never been there because I was not in Hoi An long enough. Sounds like the best way to do Cham Island is the way you guys did – two days instead of the short trip boat drive by for just a couple hours. Must have been so nice when the tour boats left. Great scenery. Seems like a perfect place to enjoy nature and peace. When the motorbikes have to stop because the road is out – that is so Viet Nam – so just have to improvise. I will have to check it out on one of my next trips to Viet Nam. Thank you for the helpful, inspiring video. Keep having fun!

  • Wow such a beautiful place and the foods are amazing🤤🤤🤪glad you guys enjoy it, looking forward for next vlog. Big thumbs up👍

  • While you’re at it, please educate the kids Cham is Hindu, not Muslim. And Islam must be banned in Vietnam before it’s too late. Thanks.

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